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Unexpected Overnight Visitors! Is Your Home Ready?

16 Mar , 2015  

And no, that’s not my guest room, unfortunately…

So to my story!

It was my husband’s night out with the guys… When we got married he warned me that he will have one of these every now and then and he hopes I am okay with this, because he really enjoys them. He has had 3 for our nearly 3 years of marriage. This talks a lot about his and his friends’ organisational skills. Anyway, most wives dread such nights, but not me! Not only they happen very rarely, but I just know my husband all too well to worry. I would always go to bed, knowing he can’t get into trouble and will usually come home early. Not this time, or at least he didn’t come alone. It was 3:30 am and I received a call from him. My blood immediately got cold. He never gets that drunk to start calling me, something must have gone wrong.

Apparently the guys had so much fun, that one of them missed his last train home. My husband, being ‘that’ guy, everyone can count on, offered him a place to crash, God bless his soul! Now I had like half an hour to prepare the guest room for our unexpected visitor and I didn’t have a minute more to waste.

When you have unexpected overnight visitors at 4 am, it is important not to panic! Start from the guest room and bathroom. In most cases unexpected visitors were your guests first and suddenly it just became too late to leave. In that case it’s just the guest room you should worry about. In my case, because it was so late, that was the case too.

Make sure you have clean sheets

Find a decent pair of clean sheets and start making up the bed. To keep spare sheets from getting that specific stale wardrobe smell, you can use lavender sachets at all times.

Open the windows to allow fresh air

Guest rooms are sometimes used for storage and kept closed for most time. Don’t forget to open the window to allow fresh air. You can do that while you are making the bed.

Wipe dust from night-stands

Hopefully, when you cleaned with the vacuum cleaner last time you didn’t miss the guest room.

Prepare fresh towels and leave them on the side of the bed

If not at night, your guests may want to take a shower in the morning. If this is the case, you might have a  little extra time in the morning to de-clutter the shower area.

Move to the bathroom – quickly wipe toilet, vanity, sink and shower

De-clutter where and if necessary. The bathroom is one of the most important areas of your home, plus there is no denying guests access there.

So what happened at the end? The guys came home and were a bit hungry, so my husband fixed some quick sandwiches, while I had a little more time to attend to the bathroom and guest room and put on something decent, so I can meet and show our guest his room and the bathroom.

Positives of the story: I was not that guy’s wife, plus all is well when it ends well!

Image Credit: Pixabay
Lana Jane Fox

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