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What Do You Need To Know About Knitting

29 Jul , 2013  

As Tsuyoshi Ito once said: “No matter how advanced technologically becomes, there is always going to be someone who wants to learn how to knit!” The truth is God created us to work with our hands and we have talents, imagination, inspiration and ability todevelop skills in order to get crafty and get working. When we knit and work with our hands, they are doing all the “thinking” and the mind is at peace. This is one reason why knitting is so beneficial for us. 

Other reasons include:

1. Knitting is cheaper than therapy and you get gloves, socks, hats and scarves!

2. Knitting allows you to express yourself in creative and artistic ways!

More on the benefits of crafting with your hands, you can find in my previous post. However here is what you need to know about knitting before you begin.

1. Resist the temptation to go wild in the knitting store. You are just starting and so far, you have no idea what knitting will be like and whether you will like it. I spent my money wisely in the store, as I was always thinking that I will probably turn out to be knitting challenged. So just in case, buy only supplies for a single project – no more, no less!

2. The yarn. I could go on about the yarn forever. Firstly, the yarn and the large variety in which it comes is one reason why people start knitting on the first place. Someone once said that: “Life is too short to knit with cheap yarn.” Well, you can be the judge of this statement, but I will advise you to start your project with cheap yarn. There are other things you should consider:

  • Pick a project and determine what kind of yarn you need. I know it seems really obvious and given, but it is of huge importance. You can’t start knitting dish cloths with wool yarn.
  • Determine how much yarn do you need. That’s often in the instructions of the project. Buy a little extra in case you mess it up and need more to fix it.
  • Do you need basic yarn or novelty yarn?
  • What type of fabric you want: cotton, wool, acryl, etc? Pick what looks good and feels even better. Choose something that will not wear that quickly and will be easier to maintain.

2. The needles. Make sure the needles you buy have large enough eyes so that your yarn can easily pass through. Pick either aluminium or plastic needles for your first project. Don’t forget to check the pattern instructions as there is a different needle size for every project. In addition, prepare some crafting scissors and sewing needles for the ends, or to put the pieces together.

What makes knitting so awesome is the fact that you can start your first project immediately! Here is a tutorial that will help you get started right now!

And remember:

  • Start off with bigger needles, which are easier to use. Make sure you use the right needles for a particular type of yarn.
  • Understand the gauge.
  • Always follow the instructions.
Lana Jane Fox

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