things to do for the end of the world


What To Do For The End Of The World

20 Dec , 2012  

Here in Australia it is already the 21st of December 2012! Stephen and I made a fun list of things you can do on 21st of December.

1. Do nothing. While everyone is so busy updating their status on Facebook, you can just sit back and relax, listening to music or engage in your daily routines – nice long shower, hot tub, some domestic chores, etc.

2. Stay away from Facebook. It will be flooded with statuses and messages and pictures about the end of the world, and I logged out a few hours ago. I am not really planning to spend my time watching everyone going crazy about it.

3. Go out and take pictures. Imagine it was really the end of the world and your pictures would be the only thing left of you. What would you like to take a picture of? How would you express yourself?

4. Spend time with your family. There is nothing better than to have a good laugh and share it with your loved ones over a drink, or a delicious meal.

5.  Start a journal. Cool date to start a journal on.

6. Do something memorable – bungee jump, skydive, go swim with dolphins or do something crazy and cool. Something you will remember for the rest of your life.

As for us,  Stephen and I we decided to release a sky lantern. I just thought it was cool. They also call them wish lanterns. My wish would be for this day to be the end of the world, or at least as we know it – corrupt, violent, selfish and owned by a bunch of jerks, who call themselves an elite. I wish for our kids to be free, to have faith and love and to be happy..

Lana Jane Fox


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