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What to Do With Your Wedding Dress After the Big Day is Over

30 Jun , 2013  

If you think you’d be done with your wedding after you eat from the cake and throw the bouquet, you are quite wrong. I should know! It has been almost an year now since Stephen and I got married and I am still hesitating about my wedding dress and what to do with it. In other words,  wedding-related decisions will still keep coming after the big day is over. You will have to send “Thank you!” notes  to your guests, find a place for all the presents, flowers, and determine what to do with your wedding gown. Your wedding is simply not done with you yet!

What to do with the wedding gown was a very important decision, which I didn’t realize  until after my wedding. The gown was quite pricey itself, so I thought I will sell it.. I just never thought I will get so attached after just one day in it, but the sentimental person I am, I should’ve known I will never want to take it off! Since I first started dating Stephen, I began collecting the paper flowers, the travel cards and tickets we bought, so you can imagine how hard it was for me to give away, or sell my dress. This is why I never did it.

So, in case your groom hasn’t thorn your wedding dress apart on your first wedding night, and you still keep it in your closet, here are  some interesting and practical ideas of what you can do with the wedding dress you will no longer wear.

#1 Sell it

This seems like the obvious choice, doesn’t it? If you are not so attached to your wedding dress and you feel like you can buy some cool stuff with the money from it, to sell it seems like the most reasonable thing to do. If that’s your decision, you can find free online calculators that can estimate how much your wedding dress is worth depending on the designer, its initial price and current condition.

#2 Donate it

To donate your wedding dress is a hard, but in the same time a very noble and generous thing to do. There are organisations that can give you tips and some will even resell it for you and donate the money to Breast Cancer Awareness charities, such as “Brides Against Breast Cancer”. This way you can help someone experience the same happiness you experienced on the day you got married.

#3 Preserve it 

If you want your wedding dress all for yourself, you can preserve it, since there are professionals who can do it for you easily. Watch the video and learn more:

Before you preserve it this way, you really do need to clean it thoroughly, allowing professionals to do it for you.

#4 Restyle it

If you want to wear your wedding dress again, restyle it! Remove the buffy sleeves, ribbons, etc. and dye it your favourite colour. You can now go to cocktails and fancy parties, or wear it when you and your husband have an anniversary.

#5 Have fun with it

The day after the wedding, get together with your photographer and have another fun wedding photo shoot. Take all the shots you were too afraid to make the previous day, from fear that you would ruin your dress. Now you can lie in the grass as much as you want to, or jump off a cliff like this Croatian couple.

wedding gown post-wedding shots

Feel free to do whatever you like with it! I didn’t came up with this idea on time for my wedding, but a friend of mine shared that the photos she did the day after with her wedding dress were her favourite, because both newly weds were now relaxed, happy, had real fun and none of them worried about their outfits.

Another idea to have fun with your wedding dress is for when all your girlfriends get married. Simply get together for a wine and wedding dress night, put your wedding dresses, have a make-up session, drink and have a good laugh. That sounds like quite a lot of fun!

Lana Jane Fox

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