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What Works and What Doesn’t When You Clean The Home

23 Mar , 2015  

Many of us learned how to do our chores at a very early age by observing how grown-ups did it. Even now I realize I often do things without questioning myself – why do I add more detergent when I try to clean a resistant stain? Things like this made me think of other habits and whether they are as efficient as I believed.

Use newspapers when cleaning your windows

Many green cleaning enthusiasts believe that you can clean your windows using newspapers instead of paper towels. This sounds eco-friendly, economic and convenient, however it is not always as efficient. Newspapers can leave ink trace on your windows and frames. Maybe you can find another way to employ newspapers.

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Even though the last paragraph suggests that paper towels are better than newspapers, still it is wrong to assume they are the best option. Actually, paper towels create a lot of static electricity and attract more dust.

Hair spray can remove ink stains

The only reason why hair spray is good for ink stains is because of the alcohol it contains. Unless you are under 18 and cannot really buy any alcohol, there is no reason why you shouldn’t just go straight into treating the ink stain with alcohol.

The more, the better

This rule applies to a lot of things, but is not really useful when it comes to applying cleaning detergent. When you cannot clean a stain on your carpet, intuitively you try again by adding more detergent. If the detergent is good and capable of removing the stain even small doze will work just fine. If not, then, instead of adding more, maybe change the method, or maybe you are using the wrong detergent on the first place. Sometimes in our best efforts we make things worse and more detergent doesn’t really help.

Faking a clean home

One of the biggest mistakes housewives and home-owners make is to fake clean a home, instead of actually cleaning it. What I mean is that sometimes we care more about making things look clean, instead of really making sure everything is clean and germ-free. So that would be the last, but biggest cleaning fail of all. If there is something you cannot really clean – better call professionals. So, hopefully these were useful and I hope they will change some of your habits, or at least will help you avoid making some common mistakes.

Washing chicken and other poultry in the kitchen sink makes it ‘clean’

No it doesn’t. What it does is increase the chances of cross-contamination. If the poultry is contaminated with salmonella, or campylobacter, washing it in the sink only spreads it on other kitchen surfaces. What kills these nasty germs is high temperature. So, if you are planing to cook chicken, know your best chances to get it clean is to actually cook it well.

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