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Why Crafting With Your Hands Is Better For You

25 Jul , 2013  

When we were kids all of us wanted rewarding heroic jobs like being a doctor, police officer, fireman, singer and others, is that right? Actually this is the right approach to any career according to research, as it turns out that people who are crafty, talented and skilful show higher job satisfaction.

There are a few reasons for this:

1. When you are working with your hands and with familiar tools, the tools become an uncoscious extension of the self and they feel calming and comforting. In addition, taking a tool you are capable of working with gives you confidence and motivation.

2. Careers in which you can see the direct results of your work are satisfying. For instance, ┬áduct cleaners from Melbourne visit an address, let’s say, a messy house. By the time they are finished with their job the house will be shiny and spotless. This not only gives a sense of accomplishment, but is extremely rewarding when the owners appreciate it.

3. According to research when we work with our hands, we are more able to focus, and our mind rests, while our hands are “thinking”. At the end of the day your body is tired, but your mind is not stressed and overwhelmed.

Working With Your Hands

4. According to different psychological papers traditional handicraft has a positive impact on measures like “interconnected mind-body awareness, spiritual and emotional growth”

5. Working with your hands gives you the urge to create something useful and tangible, as well as the urge to express yourself, which releases stress and unresolved emotions and drama.

We often let ourselves be bombarded with consumer goods, that we never really bother to create something ourselves. According to some this is what the joy of creating something out of nothing is. However, the majority of people nowadays, have never experienced it. Then we grow up with the notion that we are “talentless” and “worthless”. In addition we rarelly appreciate things that are handmade.

Lana Jane Fox

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