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Why Shutter Blinds Make for the Perfect Window Treatment

12 Nov , 2014  

 When it comes to your home’s design, the importance of the right window treatment is often underestimated. Windows that flair style have the power to change the way a room looks and feels in terms of shape, size and ambience yet for many homeowners, it tends to be the last consideration.

No doubt you already have window dressings, but are they dull and lifeless?  The right window dressings should add vibrancy to a space whilst upholding that much needed balance of colour, intricate and simplicity.  Are they effective in maintaining ideal levels of light and privacy? Whilst window treatments can make an appealing focal point in a room, they should serve to be practical too.

If your home is lacking that designer touch, shutter blinds offer a great all-rounder window treatment that’s both convenient and attractive. We check out how to give your windows and space style with shutter blinds.

1. Versatile Solutions

Design wise, shutter blinds offer versatile window solutions. Simply put – they pretty much look great in any home because their style and material options vary so significantly. Shutter blinds can be finished in almost any colour to suit your existing décor and width differs from narrow blades to large wide blades to perfectly match the window. For something in the middle, 63mm blades tend to be the most popular slat size.

Shutter blinds have a strong emphasis on simplicity without compromising imagination. Through versatile options, you’re able to reflect your lifestyle, taste and character with a hint of character and distinctiveness.  Anna Kovalchenko, an interior designer behind the L’Essenziale blog articulates exactly how shutter blinds are able to create an effortlessly elegant look. “From an aesthetic perspective, shutter blinds kind of tell your visitors about the impeccable taste of the owner, who is able to achieve a refined and stylish environment in his home without putting in too much effort”.

2. Live Large in Small Spaces

shutter blindsIf your home is lacking space, the dynamics of a room can be easily changed with shutter blinds to make it feel more spacious. You can live large in small spaces through effective use of natural lighting, colour, mirrors and the right window treatment.

Light colours on the walls and floors will help to reflect the light rather than absorb it and create that desired ‘airy’ feeling. If the room is small, stick to softer more neutral colours for the wall paint and brighten up the space with colour in your shutter blinds and accessories. Natural light gives the space depth so you want to choose blinds and shutter that have flexible light and privacy control. Shutter blinds are ideal for this, with simple mechanics to tilt the blinds and angle the light or pull up entirely to let it flood in. “As far as window treatments go, shutter blinds are the only ones that give you full control on how much light and airflow enter a room”, says Ms. Kovalchenko.

After you have installed your shutter blinds, use strategic placing of mirrors at the opposite end of your windows to bounce the light around the room. For smaller spaces, opt for wider style shutter blinds to help open the space and hang them above the window frames to trick the eye in making the window appear larger.


3. Easy Installation and Care

A great advantage of shutter blinds is the installation is quite easy and in the busy world we live in today – this is more than ideal. For the average homeowner or DIY beginner, buying readymade shutter blinds and installing them yourself is super easy to do.  To suit almost any window size and style, shutter blinds can come in a range of different sizes and can be purchased made to measure or custom width and drop (length). Make sure you check the correct way to measure your window here.

Maintenance wise, shutter blinds don’t need to be washed or fussed over to keep them looking their best. Slats can be wiped down with a damp cloth or dusted as needed. For an extra dose of cleanliness, slat can be easily removed or replaced. Most blinds don’t respond well to chemicals so warm water is best.

4. Ideal for Wet Areas

Not all blinds mix well with wet areas like the bathroom and laundry but this is where the flexibility of shutter blinds really shines through. “Shutter blinds are able to compliment practically any style and room, from classic to modern and from bathroom to kitchen – all depends on the material they are made of”, articulates Ms. Kovalchenko.

Whilst shutter blinds can come in a variety of different materials, shutter blinds for bathrooms and high humidity areas need to be made from the right resources. PVC is best because it’s long lasting and won’t warp, crack or split where traditional timber normally would.

Are Shutter Blinds Right for Your Home?

shutter blinds for the home

Image Credit: Home Decor Ideaz


Shutter blinds cost very little so are they provide an economical means to changing the look and feel of a space. Because of their variety in slat sizes, colours and panel designs, selecting the right style to complement your room and décor is easy to do.

The flexibility of shutter blinds doesn’t just stop at your standard window either. They can be custom made for sliding doors, patio doors and French doors, and dress up those bay windows perfectly too.

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This article is written by Jayde Ferguson for Super Blinds Mart – an online store offering a variety of custom and readymade shutter blinds for your next makeover.

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