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Why We Hate Valentine’s Day

14 Feb , 2013  

And are still as happy as we could be!

I know many people are happy when the holidays approach and probably they will hate me for this, but I have to say it! Even though, I am married and very much in love, I hate Valentine’s Day for many reasons! 

1. Do you know that millions of people will be alone on that day? 44 million only in the USA, according to latest official data. Imagine what that means for the rest of the world. A large number of people will probably feel depressed, because they have either broke up with their significant either, lost them to illness or accident, or are looking for their soul mate. All these are perfectly good reasons to feel down when the entire world is shoving hearts, chocolates and teddy bears in your face.

2. There are many ways to celebrate your love 365 days a year. The majority of people, unfortunately, are raised in a culture that makes them incapable of that. Think about it! Do you really need it to be 14th of February so that you remember to buy something nice for your spouse? These gifts are not only a cliché, but expected and somewhat compulsory. All this takes the fun out of it.

3. If you only celebrate your love on Valentine’s Day, you give your children a bad example. Instead of small gestures and little things all day, you teach them to show love on the 14th of February. There is just something better than that approach.  Being spontaneous is a sure way to happiness.

4. Prices During Valentine’s Day double! Roses, chocolates, lingerie, etc all double during mid-February. The over-commercialization of this holiday causes many people to spend like crazy and for what? For something that you could’ve done every other day? Seriously!

hate valentine's day card

5. Reservations. Unless you reserve a table in a fancy (or not so fancy restaurant) in the beginning of January, better don’t bother to even go out on Valentine’s eve. Again, no place for spontaneous gestures.

6. If you have just started dating recently, Valentine’s day puts a lot of pressure on a new relationship. All cards and stuffed bears come with an “I love you” put somewhere and might be very inappropriate and to cause your date to be awkward.

7. Let’s not forget the Facebook love spam. All the “smart” love quotes and the pictures of heart-shaped crap.

hate valentine's day spam

Happy 14th of February, people! Be glad that you are alive and well and, hopefully, another day closer to your goals and dreams!

Lana Jane Fox

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