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How To Make A Rental Property Your Own

18 Nov , 2014  

White Rented Apartment

For many people when they move into a rental property, they aren’t quite sure how to bring their own personality and decor into the space because they are concerned about drilling holes, wiring for electrical items like pendant lights, ceiling lights and outdoor lighting solutions. More…

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Cleaning To Impress Unexpected Guests

13 Nov , 2014  

speed cleaning the home

Bernadette Janson shares what happens when your cleaner is on a leave and unexpected visitors are on their way. How many things can go wrong in such a short time? More…

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Sweet Movember

3 Nov , 2014  

Wipe the Carpet, Not Your Mo'

It’s that time of the year again, when men grow awkward moustaches, or at least this is how I felt for the longest time… More…

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Behind on Your Spring Cleaning?

20 Oct , 2014  

Spring Cleaning

Wakey- Wakey! You don’t want to get too far behind! More…

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Do You Use Loofah? Maybe it’s Time to Stop…

22 Aug , 2014  

bathroom loofah

According to recent reports, that thing is nasty! More…

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Find The Secrets To Getting Your Home Organised

22 Jul , 2014  


Is there a secret to home organisation? I don’t think there is any secret, but there are certainly some definite tried and true guidelines you can follow to keep on top of the clutter and help run the house smoothly. The old saying “A place for everything and everything in its place” may sound trite and overused, but is the basis for all organising. More…


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Poisons Under Your Sink – All About Cleaning Detergents

11 Jul , 2014  

Poisons Under Your Sink

Aren’t you sick and tired of watching commercials where women are casually walking down the street with a laundry detergent ready to flash at random strangers? Why do cleaning product companies try so hard? When I started to think about this a few years ago, I realised it is actually so easy to make your own solutions, that commercial companies feel you need to constantly be reminded that yours are no good, and unless you buy Domestos, Ariel and Ciff for instance, you will never make it in the war against grime, bacteria and dust. But consider the following ways in which these cleaning agents actually do more harm than good. More…

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How To Clean A Rusty Red Bathtub

14 May , 2014  

Bathtub Cleaning

Now I now what you’ll say. Wash your bathtub every week, instead of once every six years and you won’t get a filthy bath. I know, I know. But here is what really happened…


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DIY Wet Cleaning Wipes

10 Jan , 2014  

diy wet wipes


If you are a frequent reader of my blog, you should already know that I hate cleaning. Maybe a little less now, than in the beginning, but I still quite dislike it, especially on a lazy Sunday. Anyway, ever since I discovered the disposable cleaning wet wipes, I was reborn. More…

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How To Make a Lace Candle Holder

20 Dec , 2013  

Lace Candle Holders

Light is important and when it comes to decorating the table for the holidays, doubly so! Here is a romantic and adorable idea perfect for the holidays and every other occasion where you would want to add ambience and charm to your table and dining room. This project is extremely easy and even people who are new to DIY would manage it.


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How to Remove Candle Wax Stains from a Tablecloth

13 Nov , 2013  

With so many holidays these days and Christmas just around the corner it is a good idea to be prepared for wax stains on the tablecloth. My husband and I love to light candles when we dine together, even if its just an ordinary evening. It just makes it so much more special and cosy. When you have a candle lit dinner, however, by accident, someone knocks the candle down, the melted wax spills and you have a horrible stain on your tablecloth. It probably looks bad, but there is no need to take it to the dry cleaner. You can manage to remove the stain if you follow these simple steps.



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How to Deal with Upholstery Stains

31 Oct , 2013  

Upholstery Cleaning Tips

 A lot of people like to have a rest on the sofa and have a snack in the same time, or sometimes your kids sit and play on it with muddy shoes. Stuff like that cause some really tough upholstery stains. They probably look quite horrible and are tough to clean. Well, that is not such a big problem. Here are some tips how to deal with upholstery stains.


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