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Four Amazing Homemade Beauty Products

1 Aug , 2013  

For quite some time I was thinking about all the horrible things large beauty industries put in our cosmetics and I was frankly put off the idea of paying for these. In addition, very often the products we buy from supermarkets are tested on animals and don’t get me started on how I loathe animal testing. Here is another fun fact for you, the majority of products contain parabens, which are found in a large percentage of the breast cancer tissue. Now, why on earth would I want that?

Here are the things I managed to DIY today and I am very happy with the end-results. So happy, I literally couldn’t keep my hands off my silky soft hair and I am constantly sniffing my arms for no apparent reason, other than the fact that they still have a gorgeous scent thanks to my home-made scrub.

1. Milk and Honey Face Mask

This one is really easy – you need a small empty jar, or a container that belonged to your previous face mask. Put on some honey and add milk. Be careful, though, it should be like a thick paste and not a liquid. I wish I could give you some proportions, but it all depends on your needs and your container. You might want to mix it up everytime before each use, or you might want to make some more and keep it in the fridge. Your call!

Useful tip: You can always add oatmeal to your mask and treat your skin with a piling/exfoliating mask.

2. Face Cleansing Milk

Remove your make-up and spoil your skin with this easy recipe. Simply buy a natural cleansing milk (paraben free), avoid those with added scents and colours and add a few drops of pure grape seed oil in it. Grape seed oil is known for its antioxidant effect and it helps regulate oily and combination skin.

3. Body Scrub

sugar body scrub

For a silky soft skin you might want to try this body scrub. In a small jar, or container (again) mix coffee, sugar, cocoa, vanilla and pure 100% olive oil. Stir until you get a thick paste again. The cocoa, coffee and sugar will gently exfoliate your skin, the olive oil will hydrate it and it will smell delicious! Honestly, I am still sniffing my arms and its been more than 7 hours now!

4. Hair Mask

olive oil hair mask

I decided that since I am on a roll with the whole DIY beauty product session, I will try and make my own hair mask. This, in turn, was very easy. I simply cracked open 2 eggs (3 if you have long, thick and very dry and damaged hair) and added four tablespoons of pure olive oil. You can also add yoghurt which will further nourish your hair and will make it more resistant. Before applying this heavenly mask, make sure to brush your hair well. Apply an equal amount of the mask everywhere and put on a shower cap and a towel. Stay like this for about 30 minutes and step in the shower. Wash gently and thoroughly with shampoo and apply hair conditioner. Proceed with all your routines and enjoy your brand new, nourished and hydrated hair.

Useful tip: If you are suffering from hair loss, or split ends you can add a few drops of argan oil in your mask, shampoo or conditioner.

I will continue experimenting, so stay tuned!

Lana Jane Fox

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