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How to Get Ready for The Spring Cleaning

27 Aug , 2018  

Cleaning an entire house is quite the challenge. Don’t know about you, but I find it hard to keep up with the weekly maintenance of my place, let alone tackle the tiresome annual cleaning. With spring almost here, however, it is time to roll up our sleeves and find the motivation to deep clean every corner.

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Why is it important to prepare in advance for something like a spring cleaning? It may sound easy but it is actually a time-consuming project that needs proper planning. Good organisation can help us get the job done faster. Let’s say, for just a weekend. Yes, I know that losing an entire weekend on cleaning doesn’t sound like fun. However, the good news is that once we deal with it, we won’t have to worry about it for a whole year. So, here are my tips for a successful spring cleaning campaign.

Distribute your time accordingly

As I’ve pointed out before, planning plays a key role in being productive and efficient with the execution of this project. Since I only have a weekend to get it all done, I will have to try and calculate how much time each task will take. This, however, is strictly individual, as every home is different. If you find the bathroom disinfection to be more challenging, just leave more time for that.

Be realistic about your goals

Wanting to get as much done as possible is normal, though it may lead to doing less in the end. Splitting your attention on multiple tasks will just drain your energy and stress you out, which is something you certainly don’t need. Better focus on doing two things properly today, instead of getting it half done or having to repeat the same process on the next day.

Work room by room

This is perfect, especially for bigger houses. Tackle each room one by one, so you don’t lose focus. Also, start with the messier and more challenging areas, and leave the easier tasks for the end. The living room and the kitchen I consider to be most challenging, as they are used on a daily basis. The spring cleaning presents the perfect opportunity for a decluttering, so starting with that will actually simplify the cleaning itself.

Arm yourself with special cleaning kit

Perfect results can’t be achieved without the right tools. You might be tempted to run to the store and get a whole basket of broadly advertised cleaning products. Although this will save you time, you will be also putting your health at risk by getting exposed to various chemicals. There’s no need considering vinegar and water make a great multipurpose cleaner, and baking soda can tackle stubborn stains in no time.

The spring cleaning may be tiresome but the benefits of it are many. Now that you know how to prepare for it, let’s hope it will be easier to tackle it and you’ll feel proud of the results achieved.

Lana Jane Fox

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