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My New Year’s Resolution: Stay Clean And Fit

15 Jan , 2013  

How many of you have promised themselves to lose weight in 2013? How many of you want to be better housekeepers and want a cleaner and clutter free home in 2013? I wished for both and the best part is that both can be achieved in the same time. It turns out that domestic chores help you burn calories. You may try to run from cleaning, which will also burn some calories, but if you stick around you will find out how performing certain chores can help you achieve the desired figure.

Scholars from the Queen’s University have found that cleaning could improve the overall health and will most certainly help you drop some weight. But how?

How To Clean And Lose Weight At The Same Time? 

There are a few very simple steps you need to make in order to achieve real results.

1. Play some energetic music that will put you in the mood for either cleaning or work-out. I am coming up with an article on cleaning music soon, so stay tuned!

Interesting fact: Music will increase your heart rate, which, in turn, will cause your blood to circulate your body faster. You will definitely feel the rush and energy flowing through your veins.

2. Dress in comfortable clothes. Your clothes should be both comfortable for cleaning and work-out. Go for natural fabrics like cotton as they allow your skin to breathe and will make you feel better. Remember you will start sweating very soon!

3. Open the windows to allow fresh air! Some cleaning detergents have toxic fumes that you wouldn’t want to inhale! Yukk!

Moves That Will Make Your Cleaning Session A Work-Out One!

1. When you wash the windows stretch your arms and move your waist. Repeat a few times and switch hands.

2. When you vacuum clean do it faster than usual in equal intervals. Remember: “I want to break free!” Furthermore, when you vacuum clean or mop move the furniture around and clean underneath it. This requires more effort and will help you burn more calories.

3. If you have a larger house with more than one storey, choose a room downstairs and room upstairs. The more you climb up and down the stairs the better. I know you don’t want to hear that, but it is a fact.

4. When you pick up the laundry take smaller piles, so that you have to go back and forth a few times.

5. When you take the groceries out of the shopping bag, do some weight lifting with them before you put them in their place. Remember to switch hands and give break to your muscles.

6. When you clean or do domestic chores you may put some weights on your arms and legs for better results. 

hate cleaning, but love keeping fit

According to cleaning services Melbourne professionals:

… One hour of sweeping or mopping burns ~240 calories;

… One hour of lawn mowing burns ~ 325 calories;

… Half an hour of cooking burns ~ 150 calories;

… One hour of gardening burns ~ 250 calories;

… One hour of painting burns ~ 290 calories

… One hour of car washing burns ~ 300 calories;

… Half an hour of dusting burns ~ 50 calories;

… Half an hour of ironing burns ~ 70 calories;

… Half an hour of scrubbing the bath burns ~ 200 calories;

… Loading the dishwasher burns ~ 105 calories;

… Washing the dishes by hand burns ~160 calories (it also saves energy.. just saying);

… Half an hour of climbing the stairs burns ~ 285 calories;

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