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Spring Cleaning is Also About Spring Cleansing

16 Sep , 2015  

There is no better time than spring to turn our homes inside out, to clean the dirt, grime and dust and to re-insert order in our dwellings, lives and minds. The same applies to our bodies too. Just like we take rubbish out in spring, I believe this period is great for getting rid of the toxins in our bodies as well! Surely, the heavy wintry climate has seen quite a bit of those building up in your system and now would be a great time to revise your work out routine and meal plans. Is there anything that needs a quick clean up?

One of my spring cleaning resolutions (yes, that is a thing…) is to give those fruit and herb infused waters a try. So I started researching some of the best combination and my research led me to Instagram (shocking, right?).

So there I was browsing through delicious pictures of yummy, fruity waters and I knew it! I was doing this!

#1 The Grapefruit and Mint Infused Water.

Pepper mint and grapefruit are a powerful slimming duo that will surely see you through this spring detox. Grapefruit contains compounds that stabilize blood sugar and help fry fat, and mint has been known to suppress appetite. Keep in mind though, grapefruit can be quite bitter so go easy with it (use 1/2) and you might want to remove it after the first few hours or the water will start to taste like gin tonic. Either way, if you are not a fan of sweet stuff you can freely experiment.


#2 The Cucumber, Lime, Mint and Green Apple Water – Pure Green Goodness.


Cucumbers are notorious for being like 90% made of water. They are an excellent way to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. It brings blood pressure down and provides extra minerals and salts Not only that, but cucumbers add a fresh scent to your infused water and makes it really tasty. The apple will provide an excellent taste and it has antioxidant qualities. Another tip is to slice your apple thinly. Thin apple slices  provide the most surface area for juices and flavor to seep out into the water. When its cold outside you can add cinnamon and it will become the perfect comfort drink.

# 3 The Citrus Explosion – Orange, Lime and Lemon Infused Waters.

Add peppermint and berries to double the effect and spruce up the taste! Lemon is known to flush toxins straight out of your body and is famous for its appetite supressing qualities. In addition, lemon helps alkalising the body and gives energy. You can drink lemon water and skip coffee altogether! Keep the peel of the lemons intact as it has been suggested by research it contains a compound that helps sluggish bowels.  Speaking from personal experience, ever since I started drinking lemon water I haven’t been sick at all. Lemon is also good for the kidneys if you suffer from kidney stones.

#4  Merry Berry!


All berries are fight-burning and fighting agents and are so very delicious! If you want to experiment with colour and taste, use these healthy berries in your drinks and freely combine them with even healthier tasty herbs such as mint, rosemary, thyme, cilantro, basil and sage. If you need a morning punch to wake up use mint and if you are anxious at work use thyme to calm your senses. The most important word here being experiment, I would advise you to try different combinations each morning so you don’t get tired of the taste and give up.

#5 Strawberry, Raspberry, Lemon, Cucumber and Mint Happy Combo


Make sure you stay hydrated on this beautiful sunny day #infusedwater #summerfeelings #lauryann

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If you want to take the best from both worlds combine strawberries, lemon and mint. You get the sweetness of the strawberry, all the healthy benefits of the lemon and the freshness of the mint. These combined will help you fight cravings by suppressing your appetite, while being delicious as heck!

As you can see the options are limitless and you will hardly ever get tired of making and drinking these herbaceous and fruity drinks! Balance your drinks by combining berries with citrus fruits and herbs for more complex drinks. Always use fresh water and glass jars. Avoid plastic containers as there has been a growing concern about them.


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Lana Jane Fox


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