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How Would You Clean Your Blocked Drains?

17 May , 2021  

There are plenty of reasons for blocked drains. Some of the reasons for blocked drains are obvious while others are difficult to imagine. When you hear gurgling noises coming out from your drains, and drains are throwing foul smells, then you must attempt to clear blocked drains before they get worse.

Blocked drains are messy, disgusting and can create havoc in houses. The clearing blocked brain method will depend on the reason that caused the blockage. There are different remedies for clearing blocked drains that are mentioned below.

DIY Tips for Clearing Blocked Drains

With boiling water

Hot water is extremely effective in clearing greasy surfaces

If your drain is blocked by oil, grease, soaps, soaps, or conditioner, then pouring hot water is one of the best remedies.  Pour a jug of hot water in the night and then once in the morning, it will remove all the grime from your drains.  But you can use hot water in your metal pipes, and you should not use hot water in PVC pipes. In the case of PVC pipes, you can use warm water instead of hot water.

Natural cleaners

Baking soda and Vinegar are the ultimate combo for cleaning hard-to-remove stains and greasy surfaces

If a blocked drain is more and does not go by hot water, then you can use natural cleaners that create the fizzing effect. This effect breaks drain blockages apart and helps in clearing blocked drains.  Mix one tablespoon of baking soda and a cup of vinegar with warm water and pour it inside. This process will take around 30 minutes to clean your drain.  Later you can flush it with water.

Caustic cleaners

Make sure to wear gloves and keep caustic cleaners away from kids and pets!

When a blockage is a much more serious one, use caustic cleaner.  These cleaners will quickly dissolve grease, fat, and oils that have been creating the blockage.  But when using these cleaners for clearing blocked drains make sure to follow the instructions given on their labels. These cleaners are harmful to your health and you must wear a mask while you use such cleaners.

Drain snake

You can use a hanger or metal wire to make a drain snake. You can insert it into the hole and flush out the hair. If it is too much blockage, then buying a plumber’s drain snake is another alternative.

These professional snakes can go deep down in drains and remove the blockage. Don’t push the snake toward the drain. Instead, try to plug out the deposited garbage from your pipes.


If your blocked drains are not getting cleared by the snake, then you may need a CCTV camera to identify the type of blockage. You will have to fix the camera in a snake-like tool and insert it slowly until you see the clogged area.  

Hydro jet

If debris and leaves are stuck in drains after a rainfall you can use Hydro jets. They provide intense and sharp bursts of water and helps in clearing blocked drains. But the cost of the hydro jet can be very expensive, and you should not buy such expensive tools for occasional uses. You can simply hire a professional to help you out. 

If the system is blocked severely then you will need to go by the excavation process. In this method, you need to dig the drains and replace the pipes from where the blockage starts. If your pipes are damaged after years of usage, then also you may need to go through excavation and pipe replacement. Nowadays, you can reline your drains with PVC materials, and you do not need to excavate your yard for the same.