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The Ultimate Carpet Cleaning Solution

17 Feb , 2013  

Did you know that the air at home is 200% more polluted than the air outside? And I thought we had a problem with the nasty emissions of the cars, while it turns out that the problem is hiding in our cleaning solutions. Because of the harsh chemicals in cleaning solutions, air fresheners, washing liquids and other seamlessly helpful detergents, we breathe poisonous vapours. Another research supports this finding! Stay-at-home wives were 54% more likely to develop cancer, compared to those who work outside. For this reason, I am suggesting you turn to green and natural solutions that won’t trigger allergies, asthma, cancer or other health problems.

Baking Soda and Water Make Up The Perfect Carpet Cleaning Solution

If you want your carpets to be clean, healthy and safe all you need it baking soda and some water. Here is how it works, according to professional carpet cleaners:

1. Take your carpet outside for some good beating. This will remove all the dust, dirt and other small particles stuck in between the fibres.

2.Bring the carpet back inside for vacuum cleaning. Vacuum your carpet thoroughly in different directions – this will help catch the remaining particles, pet dander and dust.

In case you are washing it by hand…

3. Make a paste of baking soda and water. Apply on the surface of the carpet by gently rubbing using toothbrush or any other soft brush, that you see appropriate. Leave it to dry. When it dries, simply vacuum clean again in order to collect the baking soda.

baking soda for the carpet

Why Is This Natural Carpet Cleaner So Good?

✓ It is perfectly safe and will not harm your skin or pollute your air in any way.

✓ It absorbs nasty pet odours and humidity. The latter provides perfect breeding area for dust mites, which cause allergies and asthma;
✓ Baking soda is cheap and affordable, unlike many cleaning detergents.
✓ Baking soda is safe for your children too!
Lana Jane Fox

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