Interior Design and Decoration

5 Must Haves For A Cosy Winter

30 Jul , 2014  

Winter takes its toll on everyone! Less excercise, less energy, less desire to go out and do the things we normally love! Here is how to make your home better this winter. The ideas will help you create a cosy space which will make you feel alive and pampered.  More…



New Week – New 5 Challenges

28 Jul , 2014  

new 5 a week

Another week, another five challenges. I think it is catching up to me now and I look for another challenge just like I am trying to get my 5-a-day. More…


Cleaning Tips

Find The Secrets To Getting Your Home Organised

22 Jul , 2014  


Is there a secret to home organisation? I don’t think there is any secret, but there are certainly some definite tried and true guidelines you can follow to keep on top of the clutter and help run the house smoothly. The old saying “A place for everything and everything in its place” may sound trite and overused, but is the basis for all organising. More…


Cleaning Products,Cleaning Tips

Poisons Under Your Sink – All About Cleaning Detergents

11 Jul , 2014  

Poisons Under Your Sink

Aren’t you sick and tired of watching commercials where women are casually walking down the street with a laundry detergent ready to flash at random strangers? Why do cleaning product companies try so hard? When I started to think about this a few years ago, I realised it is actually so easy to make your own solutions, that commercial companies feel you need to constantly be reminded that yours are no good, and unless you buy Domestos, Ariel and Ciff for instance, you will never make it in the war against grime, bacteria and dust. But consider the following ways in which these cleaning agents actually do more harm than good. More…

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Five Things To Try This Week

1 Jul , 2014  

5 Things To Try This Week

As we are heavily into winter now, with all its grumpy rain and decrease in temperature, I long for those summer nights and all my little summer adventures. For this reason I decided to challenge myself and do five things every week that will make me feel alive! If you are itching for a change, get down to business and get these done by the end of this weekend.