Home Improvement,Interior Design and Decoration

How We Transformed Our Garage

18 Dec , 2012  


Hi everyone!

I am back with a few tips on how you can transform your garage beyond recognition. We have a car, but we used our garage mostly as a dumping point for all sorts of crap (pardon my French!). We stored electric appliances, an old sofa and a wooden chest (I will let you know what we did with it later on). For this reason we decided that we had to do something about this mess! We didn’t mind parking our car outside and we used all our creativity to transform the garage into something more useful – a studio for the garage band of my husband.


Home Improvement,Interior Design and Decoration

How We Painted Our First Home

11 Dec , 2012  

colours and mood go hand in hand

They say beginnings are always hard, which is why I was wondering for quite a while what should I write about. It was then that I remembered one of our first moments in our new home. ┬áIt was when we painted it. More…

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