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How We Painted Our First Home

11 Dec , 2012  

They say beginnings are always hard, which is why I was wondering for quite a while what should I write about. It was then that I remembered one of our first moments in our new home.  It was when we painted it.

As you can probably guess, there was absolutely nothing inside it, besides the plain walls and the ton of enthusiasm we had. We painted the entire place ourselves! By that time we were just engaged and all this was really new to us. We had to finish our future home, before the wedding and we knew we had to make it right.

As a Bachelor in Psychology and Criminology I knew that the colours we choose will have potential effects and will influence our mood and behaviour. I wanted to live and spend the majority of my time in an emotionally healthy home.  For this reason I spent  quite a lot of time doing research on colour psychology and how it should be used in home décor.Here is my source of inspiration:

Red. I always wanted to have a red bedroom, because I thought it was really cool and sexy, but as it turned our, red is not really the best of choices. According to research, it increases the blood pressure and your appetite. I stopped wondering why a lot of restaurants including McDonald’s have so much red all over. For this reason red is usually suggested for the kitchen to stimulate appetite. One idea is to go for red kitchen cabinets.

Blue. It should come as no surprise why this colour is so largely preferred – it is natural and relaxing and it does wonders with your creativity and inspiration. Recently a lot of work and office spaces are painted in blue, because this increases the productivity in employees.

Purple. I love purple and you can see me wearing quite often, but it turned out that painted on the walls, it is a very distracting colour encouraging day-dreaming. It might be good if you are an artist, but otherwise it is a no-no for a living room. Purple worked well in our hallway, but more on how to decorate your hallway in later posts.

Pink. Similarly to purple, pink is a distracting colour. Our bedroom was initially painted in a horrible shade and the walls had awful holes all over.

Green. Natural and energizing colour. It is great to spice up a plain room or a hallway. It does wonders in living rooms too. It is relaxing and is not hard on the eyes. You will never get tired looking at it.


So here is what choices we made for our home.

1. We wanted to keep things really simple – white, plain beige, blue and green. We decided that this will allow for more freedom when it comes to choosing carpets and other pieces of furniture. If you don’t yet see what I mean, bare with me!

Bedroom. We decided to go for a white bedroom, because it allows for a greater diversity. Whatever bedding we choose, or paintings, or carpets, or curtains, they will all look good on white walls. In addition, we don’t have that much windows and natural light coming in, so we wanted our bedroom to look brighter during the day and more spacious. That’s why white was a great colour for us. It looks great combined with black sheets. More on how to furnish your bedroom coming soon!

Kitchen. White and green were our colours of choice. We decided to have a lively bright kitchen. Painting it in white created the illusion that it is more spacious. In addition, it helps me keep it in good order, as it is easy to spot dirt on white surfaces and walls. For a slob like me, who hates cleaning, it is good to have a reminder like this. After all, it is important to have a clean kitchen – it is the place where we store food and prepare it.

Living Room. Warm earth tones like brown and pale beige encourage people to sit around and talk. According to research these colours have a great effect to stimulate conversation and once we found out about these effects we decided this was a great idea, not that we need beige to stimulate us talk, but just in case.

We always wanted to have a warm, bright and sunny living room and I believe that by using these earth tones we managed to accomplish that.

Lana Jane Fox

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