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12 Signs That Indicate The Need For Roof Restoration

3 Dec , 2020  

Roofs are essential parts of our houses or any building structure, and their maintenance should not be ignored. If you are not sure whether your roof needs restoration or not… 

12 signs that will help you identify the need for roof restoration

  1. Curled cracked or missing shingles:  If your roof shingles show any of these signs, it means that your roof needs replacement or restoration. It will depend upon the condition of the tiles to decide which of the option is more suited. 
  1. Dirty or dark Shingles: Sometimes, shingles turn dark or even wet. It is a sign of trapped moisture in the shingles, and it indicates that you should get the restoration done. 
  1. Plants on the roof: Plants look beautiful in the garden, but if plants like fungus and moulds or any other small plants or grass are growing on your rooftop, then you should get the restoration done to get rid of it.
  1. Dirty shingles: Shingles easily get covered with dust and dirt and even spider webs. All these things can further deteriorate the conditions of the shingles. Thus, it is essential to do deep cleaning, and roof restoration is the best process for cleaning the roof
  1. Shingle dust or Granules in the gutter: Shingles shed when they start wearing out, and their granules are like black sand. You should check your channel, and if you find any particles or pieces of the shingles in that, then it is a possibility that you may face significant damage in the future due to roof decay. Under such circumstances, you should try to get the roof restoration done at the earliest.
  1. Staining on the walls: Discolouration on the walls may be caused due to many reasons. One of the major causes is that your roof might be allowing the moisture to the walls’ interiors. This moisture can lead to the staining of the walls, and to get rid of that, you will need to get the roof restoration done.
  1. Roof objects and opening wear and tear: Deterioration starts with the openings of the roof, such as vents, pipes, and chimneys. You should check these places for cracks, gaps, or rust. If they are the only places affected, you don’t need entire restoration. 
  1. Sagging roof deck: If your attic’s decking looks sagging, it is because of the moisturizer. You will either need replacement or restoration depending on the condition of the roof.
  1. Leakage in the roof: If the top’s porous underlayment is causing the leak after the rains, you will have to get the roof replacement done. But if only some flashing needs to be replaced, then you can fix it with roof restoration.  
  1. Peeling of exterior paint: Often, we see the roof paint blistering or peeling. It can be an indication of moisture in your roof or the failure of the gutter system. In both cases, you will need to complete the restoration process; else the damage will further increase. 
  1.  Sun Light falling in your attic: If you can see the sun rays coming in your attic, it means that your shingles are cracked, or they have gaps, and they need to be replaced. 
  1. Age of the roof: If your roof is 20-25 years old, it clearly indicates that your roof needs to be restored. 


These were some of the significant signs that indicate your roof needs restoration. In case you see such characters, don’t avoid the repair and call the professionals to get it done. 

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