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WFH Mom: Keeping Your Home/Workplace Comfortable All Year Round

27 Apr , 2021  

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Being a stay-at-home mom should not lessen your capacity to be able to provide for your family while you are taking care of them. Thanks to modern technology, this is now possible. 

As a mother and the primary caregiver of your family, it is most of the time a hard decision to make whether you should focus on nourishing your family or help out with the bills and the finances.

At home, the daily chores pile up, from the dishes that have to be cleaned to the clothes that need to be washed. How can you possibly balance work from home and family where there is a lot of distraction, your cute children always needing attention, your cuddly dog always wanting to play, or the daily chores that have to be done? 

Being a stay-at-home/work-from-home mom makes you a superwoman. Working from home, it is important that you keep your focus on everything. Making your home/workplace comfortable is one of the best solutions to keep everything and everyone at bay, including your sanity.

Let’s take a look at these simple tips you can apply at home to be an effective and efficient work from home mom.

Have a separate working space

Even at home, we must apply the famous workplace quote: “Never mix your personal life with your business matters”. It is important that you have even a small space of your own while you are working. Some people would agree that they prefer a quiet environment while working while others may prefer to play a lively beat.

In any case, having your own working space at home gives you the impression that you are like in an office setting. This may help a lot when you want some motivation to work as there may be some days when you might not just feel working and might just want to mingle with the family. This perhaps is a natural dilemma for all work from home individuals.

What I found very useful, is creating my own office nook. It’s a simple DIY project but you can always call a professional interior designer to help you out, of course. Find a nook in your home and install a shelf that you can use as a desk. If you don’t have a nook that you can use, then create a moving wall that will separate your working space from the rest of the room. Decorate it however you want, put up some plants, and a “Do Not Disturb” that will ensure your peace.

Another great idea is to create a small tea set up around you if you have the space for it. Tea can be very calming and helps with concentration, so it’s the perfect beverage during work hours. It’s very important to let family members know that this is only for you and if they want tea, they should just go to the kitchen.

If you can avoid it, don’t have your office in the living room or any common living area. My office is in the laundry room since no one goes there beside me anyways. I managed to find a corner that can fit my desk and now I can finally work in peace. It also reminds me to put the laundry for a wash when I finish up!

Keep your workspace clean and clutter-free

Focus while working from home sometimes is hard to come by especially when everything around you is messy. All that clutter and untidiness reflects in your mind and thus gives you a hard time anchoring your attention to the tasks you’re supposed to do. 

Every day before you start your work, allot at least ten minutes of your time tidying things up on your desk or around your working space. Practice clean as you go even at home. This way, your clutter, and mess do not pile up and cause havoc to your working mood.

If you’re having trouble finding time to declutter and clean, then consider hiring a domestic cleaner to help you out. She can do a good clean-up and tidy session so that you have less to deal with in the mornings or afternoon.

Keep the workspace and the whole house at a comfortable temperature

Have you ever tried working and the room temperature is too hot? So hard to focus right? When the house is at an uncomfortable temperature, this will not only give you discomfort while working but the whole family as well. This will also mean that family members will be complaining and they will come knocking on your door to ask for solutions. 

An airconditioning system is one of the solutions if the room has no natural ventilation. You can choose from the following depending on your needs: 

  • Ducted
  • Multi-Split
  • Split Systems

You can contact electrical and air conditioning specialists that can help you supply, install, maintain, repair, and can even give free consultations to assist you with your air conditioning system needs.


Working from home is not as easy as others may think it is. It has its own advantages and disadvantages but these should not hinder your productivity both as a mother and an employee. It is important that you identify the conditions that set you back as well as the solution that you can apply to solve the drawback. Communicate your needs with your family and don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it!

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