Confessions of a Happy Housewife

I Married Mr. Unromantic

4 Aug , 2015  

everyday love

Three years in and I have no regrets! More…


Confessions of a Happy Housewife

Why Marrying Yourself is a Blankety-Blank To Me!

16 Feb , 2015  

Marrying Yourself

‘With this ring, I me wed’

Here comes my late-night, 3 coffees down, high on cold and flu medication, rant. More…

Confessions of a Happy Housewife

Global Family Day

1 Jan , 2014  

On the 1st of January the world marks the Global Family Day, or as also known One Day of Peace and Sharing. I decided to write about this day, because having a family is hard work you need to do everyday and I have a lot to share for the 1 1/2 years that I have been married. I also chose to write about this day because it coincides with the first day of the new year and I hope a lot of you will do some evaluation.  More…

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Confessions of a Happy Housewife

Turn Your Husband’s Bad Day Into a Great Day

2 Dec , 2013  

turn your husband's bad day into a great day

Even though marrying Stephen was the best thing that ever happened to me, sometimes I just have a bad day and I have to admit a defeat. In days like this when Stephen comes back from work tired and stressed out, I just wish I knew how to make it all disappear. What is worse, before I got married, I thought that would be much easier and I had some false expectations that everything that is bad will go away as easily as if I had a magic wand.



Confessions of a Happy Housewife

Getting Married Young in a Culture That Says: “No Way in Hell!” II

2 Jul , 2013  

Getting married young

Getting married young nowadays seems like a crazy thing to do, keeping in mind the options we have. However, sometimes, I believe, this great variety of so called “options”, limits us.  Relationships comes and go, intimate partners change, but we remain the same and expect different results from every new relationship that comes along. In addition, being alone doesn’t mean that you are free! That being said, I believe marriage provides us a larger platform for positive change and a stable foundation to grow!  More…

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Confessions of a Happy Housewife

Getting Married Young in a Culture That Says: “No Way in Hell!”

1 Jul , 2013  

getting married young in a culture that says no

I guess you have already noticed that I am on a roll with the marriage and wedding posts, but there is a perfectly good explanation for that. On the 2nd of July,  Stephen and I will mark our first anniversary as a married couple! It is a very exciting moment for both of us and me, in particular! More…


Confessions of a Happy Housewife

What to Do With Your Wedding Dress After the Big Day is Over

30 Jun , 2013  

Beautiful Lace Bridal Gown

If you think you’d be done with your wedding after you eat from the cake and throw the bouquet, you are quite wrong. I should know! It has been almost an year now since Stephen and I got married and I am still hesitating about my wedding dress and what to do with it. In other words,  wedding-related decisions will still keep coming after the big day is over. You will have to send “Thank you!” notes  to your guests, find a place for all the presents, flowers, and determine what to do with your wedding gown. Your wedding is simply not done with you yet!


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Be Happy – Don’t Do The Following…

6 May , 2013  


In a recent TV show I watched – Game of Thrones, one of the main character said something striking: “Their days are too long and their lives are too short!” Have you ever had the feeling your days and your life is heading in that direction?Happiness is a much cherished goal for each and every one of us. Often in the equation of life in order to achieve personal and professional happiness, we don’t need to add more things – we simply need to subtract.  Imagine what your life might be if you take certain activities out of it? The career expert Jeff Haden prepared a list of things we would be better off without. So here they come… More…

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