Confessions of a Happy Housewife

Why We Hate Valentine’s Day

14 Feb , 2013  

hate valentine's day card

And are still as happy as we could be!

I know many people are happy when the holidays approach and probably they will hate me for this, but I have to say it! Even though, I am married and very much in love, I hate Valentine’s Day for many reasons!  More…

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Eating In Bed – Pro’s and Con’s

29 Jan , 2013  

hate cleaning, but love eating in bed

There are so many things I could say about eating in bed – it is both tempting, comfy and makes you wonder how something so awesome could actually be bad for you! When it comes to eating in bed every house has its own rules.


Confessions of a Happy Housewife

Romantic Gifts -Do’s and Don’ts (For Her)

27 Jan , 2013  

hate cleaning, but love romantic gift

In the first part of this article, I shared with you some of my ideas and experience when it comes to romantic gifts and surprises for men. Unlike women, men are significantly easier to satisfy when it comes to gifts, as they don’t really expect extravagant things, girls on the other hand, require a bit more effort, but let’s be honest – they deserve it!


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Confessions of a Happy Housewife

Romantic Gifts – Do’s and Don’ts (For Him)

24 Jan , 2013  

hate cleaning, but love romantic gifts

February is quickly approaching and St. Valentine’s Day with it and I am here to give you a few tips on how to prepare for the holidays with a good gift. To be honest,  in our family we decided that we don’t want to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Instead, we should do little things without an occasion, to put a smile on the other person’s face and make every day special. For this reason we have never celebrated Valentine’s day and refused to participate in all the craze. However, that doesn’t mean that we don’t like romantic gestures and we don’t exchange gifts. In fact, I think that we have exchanged more gifts than most couples, simply because we don’t wait for a whole year to celebrate our love. Here is what I have learned from all this time.


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A Day On The Beach – How To Have The Most Fun

21 Jan , 2013  

hate cleaning, but love the beach

Is there a better thing to do on a lazy, hot Sunday morning , besides going to the beach? I don’t think so! Here are a few tips on how to have the most fun on the beach and I will treat you with a free printable, so you don’t forget something.  More…

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How To Enhance Your Productivity

17 Jan , 2013  

How to Enhance Your Productivity

Finding inspiration and being productive usually comes naturally. However in our stressful, grey daily lives it is not uncommon to feel overwhelmed and burned out. For this reason I am here to offer you 12 tips for productivity that give results.  More…


Confessions of a Happy Housewife

New Year, New Career

12 Jan , 2013  

new year, new career

Some women change their haircuts, others change certain features in their wardrobe, I am writing this post to inspire you to change your professional realization, especially if you are itching for that change. If you feel the burn-out syndrome, maybe it is a high-time to consider a new career. Life is too short to sit on a desk and do something you hate. In this post, I would like to touch on self-employment and its benefits and talk about its advantages and disadvantages.  More…


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How We Divided Our Household Chores

17 Dec , 2012  

I hate cleaning but we needed to divide the chores somehow

One of the questions that bother many couples is whether a messy and a neat person can live together and what would it be like. We know that love knows no limits and you have to make compromise for the sake of keeping the harmony in your relationship, but is that really achievable? I believe so! More…

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Confessions of a Happy Housewife

Welcome! Bienvenido!

10 Dec , 2012  

My graduation

Make yourself at home! Here is my personal space on the web, where I will try to put my thoughts and feelings into words and I show you how even someone who hates cleaning can become a decent housekeeper. But here is my story first…


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