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The Smug Person’s Guide to Being Prepared for Christmas

27 Nov , 2015  

You know the festive season is just moments away when holidays are planned, Christmas dinner is booked at the family home and the shops are lined with tinsel and a very chaotic buzz. It’s the time of year that always comes around so quick and most of us are never really 100% prepared – but if you start getting organised now, the big break will go down smoother than ever.
From early budget and gift planning to food ordering and decorating for that festive touch, you can never be too ready for the day. Don’t let these holidays be an overwhelming stress with our early-prep tips here:

1. Get the Kids Excited Early

No doubt the children are already bursting at the seams to catch a glimpse of Santa! Make their excitement productive by taking them to toyshop early (yes, before the shops get silly busy) to see what him and his reindeer might bring them. You can encourage them to make a small wish list of present ideas to write in their Christmas letters too.
The spirit of Santa for the festive season is a big thing for children and makes for a very magical experience. Make sure you keep the excitement going by encouraging them to be extra good in the lead-up to Christmas so they’ll make the ‘good list’ and have them leave out cookies and milk Christmas eve. Don’t forget to leave signs of Santa and the reindeers visiting too for an extra boost of enjoyment on Christmas morning.

Christmas Holidays

2. Give Christmas Puddings Time to Age

Whilst it makes sense to prepare all your Christmas food goodies as close to the big day as possible, puddings can start to be made now. Christmas puddings are an essential ingredient to the festive season but the real secret to a great tasting fruit cake is allowing time to age it.
Although it’s possible to make a pudding on Christmas Eve, experts agree that November is actually the ideal time to start baking, according to Taste. Keep it in a cool cupboard to soak up the dried fruit and alcohol to really give it an intense flavour kick when you eat it on the big day. If you want to get super prepared, why not start baking those Christmas puddings for next years’ holiday break too!?

3. Arrange a Gift Delivery Service

If you have family and friends that live away from you, arranging a gift delivery service early can ensure they get something special for Christmas. Regardless where they may be, delivery services offer a practical and easy way to choose the perfect present for your loved ones without the hassle of lining up at the post office or tackling the busy shops.
Be sure to check if the delivery charges before you commit to a purchase and determine whether the service definitely distributes to the chosen location. It’s best to place your orders in early to avoid the Christmas rush and where possible, opt for a gift delivery service that allows you to enter multiple delivery addresses for one order for added convenience.

Christmas Gifts, Christmas

4. Untangle Christmas Lights and Decorations in Advance

It never seems to matter how neatly you put away those Christmas lights and decorations the year before, you can still spend a good few hours untangling and sorting it out when they come out of the shed again. 1st December is the time to put your tree up and start decorating your home for the festive season – but don’t leave it till then to get organised.
A week before you’re due to put your tree up, get the lights and decorations untangled and ready to go. This will save time on the night and let’s face it – it’s much more fun to concentrate on getting the house looking festive than straightening out the mess from last year.

5. Get Online

Online Christmas shopping is a great way to get prepped early for the festive season with everything you need at the click of a button. With the online world considerably booming over the years, it makes perfect sense to shop in the comfort of your own home complete with a glass of wine! Almost everything is available to purchase online so why not try it for this year’s shopping lists?
There’s great savings to be made online too, but don’t forget to check delivery rates and estimated arrival times – especially before the Christmas rush. By getting your shopping down earlier online, you avoid the hectic carparks and queues at the shops too – winning!

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This article is written by Jayde Ferguson, an online blogger and copywriter who recommends the Christmas gift hampers at for the perfect gift idea for any budget or taste this festive season. Boxt are a leading online provider of hampers and other Christmas gift ideas with gift delivery services throughout Australia.

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