I hate cleaning, but love BBQ

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Before, During & After BBQ With Friends

28 Jan , 2013  

We just had the busiest weekend of all! On the 26th of January we celebrated the Australian day during which we had friends over for a BBQ. Surprisingly enough we had some food and drinks left, therefore decided to get together same time same place the next day, in order to watch the Australian Open 2013’s Grand Finale. Believe me, I have never done so much cleaning in 48 hours as I did this weekend! Let me tell you all about it. 26th of January – The Australian National Day (or as previously known as ANA Day, Foundation Day and Anniversary Day)

hate cleaning but love BBQ 

Before I start with the boring cleaning stuff, let me tell more about the Australian Day (for my non Aussie friends). Every year we celebrate the arrival of the first fleet and the proclamation of our British sovereignty at Sydney, New South Wales. Even though nowadays we are no longer under British rule, we celebrate this day, because it gave rise to our country and at present Australian Day is the biggest annual civil event in Australia. Here is how other Aussies celebrated it.

i hate cleaning but love Australia Day

As for us…


Cleaning Before

Clean thoroughly your entire house, even though it will get messy just a few hours later. People notice the dirt on your counters, the stains on the carpet and the clutter.

1. Clean and prepare the place where you are going to handle your BBQ party. We decided to take ours indoors, because it was too hot to stay outside. Actually what we did is that we used our garage space – put tables, chairs and a cooler and opened it up, so people could go freely to the garden. In addition, we had music, because we already set up the place for Steven’s garage studio.

2. Clean your bathroom. It will be used a lot, especially if you have many friends coming over.

3. Clean the BBQ beforehand, after all, it is the most important part of your party. If you can’t take care of it ask professional BBQ cleaning services Melbourne.

How to Prepare? 

In order to prepare well for a BBQ party, you have to have a concept and a vision. How much people are coming? What seating arrangements do you have? I have been to quite a few parties and I know that it just doesn’t work with a table with food and drinks and awkward seating arrangements, which make no sense whatsoever. Think about how your guests will feel comfortable. For the purposes of our BBQ we had a large table with chairs around it and we placed all the food and drinks. We wanted our guests to be seated comfortably and to eat and and talk to each other. The best place for this is actually at the table isn’t it? You want to make your guests feel like a part of the event by awaking all their senses – touch, smell, vision, sight and sounds. Pick music that will be appropriate and according to the tastes of your company. Feel free to create the vibe you think will be the best for the occasion.

 Cleaning During

When your guests come, you will still have a lot of cleaning to do, as there will be clutter and empty dishes that will need to be taken care of. Make sure you have paper towels near you as spills often occur suddenly. In addition, you will always have to be able to attend to your guests’ needs.

Cleaning After…

Oh Gee… If I had to deal with that again any time soon, I would rather get some professional end of lease domestic cleaners Melbourne  to help me…  It simply requires a whole other article. The bottom line is, that in this case you better unite with your husband and tackle things together. While he is loading the dishwasher, you have to go around and bring him all the dishes and cutlery.  While one of you is vacuum cleaning, the other should be moping afterwards. You get the point.

All in all we had an amazing time with our closest friends and we enjoyed both the final of Australian open, as well as the Australian Day. That’s what I call a good weekend!

Lana Jane Fox

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