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5 Must Haves For A Cosy Winter

30 Jul , 2014  

Winter takes its toll on everyone! Less excercise, less energy, less desire to go out and do the things we normally love! Here is how to make your home better this winter. The ideas will help you create a cosy space which will make you feel alive and pampered. 

#1 A Warm Area Rug.

Our feet are one of the most important parts of our body and sometimes we abuse them relentlessly. How? When we spent all day in high heels, when we sit all day in front of the computer and don’t exercise enough. When we neglect the rough and dry skin and, especially, when we think they don’t need as much care. Keep warm and give your feet some rest.

warm area rug
Image Source: My Carpet Models

2. Soft Cushions on a Leather Sofa.

I like leather sofas because they are easy to maintain and so comfortable. In summer when the air conditioner is working they are cool and help you keep cool too. In winter they still remain cooler most times and this might cause certain discomfort.

3. Mood lighting.

The ambience is definitely better in a dim-lit room, not to mention dinner tastes better and conversations are a lot more intimate. Dim switches are one of the best tools to help you fight the winter blues and to create a cosy atmosphere.If you can’t afford them, think about candles. Here are a few ravishing candle holders you can make yourself.

4. Luxurious Bedding.

Pamper yourself with fluffy duvets and mattress supporters, silky soft sheets and comfortable pillows. Also take good care of your mattress and keep a level of cleanliness and hygiene that will suit your newly acquired sheets. Here is some information on how to deal and avoid bed bugs. It is all about prevention, isn’t it? The guide is prepared by Paul’s upholstery and mattress cleaners, according to whom sheets, pillow and mattress covers also play an important part. Don’t be swayed to buy second best – the improved quality of your sleep, will help you wake up relaxed and happy. And we all need to be relaxed and happy – in winter doubly so!

luxurious bedding

5. Stock up on good food and wine.

Up your game in the kitchen – prepare meals that are a delight for the taste buds as well as for most of your senses. Stock up on the good stuff – cheese, fruits and veggies, quality meat and some fine wine. To me there has always been a difference between feedings and proper dinner. During a proper dinner I fold the knife and fork on a napkin, pour a glass of wine, arrange the food on the table, decorate it with herbs to stimulate the eyes and nostrils. Eating food is not just about getting the job done – it is also about pleasure and communication. Eating is a very social thing and sharing a meal like that with your loved ones can make every other night feel more special and intimate.

Source of Inspiration:

Lana Jane Fox