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How We Packed For Our New Year’s Getaway

25 Dec , 2012  

Hi everyone,

Travelling is one of the best things you and your spouse can do together. Stephen and I have only been on road trips here in Australia, and it has been amazing. All the memories you share and the weird and wonderful experiences. For this reason we decided to change the scenery for New Year’s and go to London! When you are travelling with cabin luggage you totally need to bring your A game when it comes to packing.

After I have shared with you my advice on how to leave the house unattended for the holidays, here is my next travel tip – how to pack. Or in our case, how to pack if you are leaving with two hand luggages. We decided that there were many benefits to leaving with hand luggages only. firstly, there is no chance that our luggage can get lost when we are changing flights. Secondly, there is no waiting for the suitcases to come out. And thirdly, and most importantly we don’t have to pay extra for a larger suitcase. Not all companies offer free extra bag, like British Airways do. For all these reasons we decided that we will manage to do without a huge suitcase and we can take two smaller ones with us on the plane.

Packing for a trip

This is how small the suitcases were and, yes, this is me inside!

Each hand luggage needs to be 15 kg max. and to have the measures specified on the picture. We decided that 30 kg for both of us is more than enough for 11 days (even though it is winter and we will need warmer clothes). What is tricky with hand luggages is that you cannot bring certain features – no sharp objects, flammable stuff. No liquids over 100ml, etc., etc. So basically, from all my toiletries I can take only the things that are less than 100 ml. Difficult task.

Out of these take away the flammable ones and you are left with your foundation, lipstic and that’s it. In addition, my husband cannot take his shaving cream and razor. Beware of perfumes that are 100 ml or more. They will be taken away from you, too. So if you are planning to go anywhere with your luggage make sure you are smart about it.

1. Replace facial cleansing toners with facial wet wipes.  It will do the same job, with that difference that it is allowed on the plane. Get antiperspirant stick instead of deodorant. Pack all your toiletries and make up in plastic bags.

2. Do your manicure beforehand too. And if possible ask a professional to do it for you. Why? Because they know how to make it last longer.

3. Shave beforehand. Of course if you are leaving for 11 days like us, you can always buy a razor and everything else you need from there. I don’t know if Stephen can go 11 days without shaving, or to be more specific, if he can go 11 days without shaving and still look good on the pictures.

4. Check with the hotel if they have hair dryers in the rooms. A lot of hotels have their own hair dryers in the bathroom, so you may not even have to take your own.

5.Plan each day and consider the weather forecast. This will help you figure out how much and what type of clothing to buy. We are expecting some rain and are therefore well prepared for it. Waterproof comfortable shoes and jackets – check! Don’t take clothes you know deep inside you may not wear at all.

6. Don’t forget these essential things: passport, ID, insurance, plane tickets, wallet, camera. In addition to all these, we have printed tickets for all the attractions. We bought them in advance, because we wanted to benefit from the early bird and online booking discounts.  The only thing is we need to print them and show them as evidence.


7. Don’t forget to have fun and don’t stress too much. Everything will be fine. Or so I tell myself!


Lana Jane Fox

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