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Power Charges For Keen Travelers

23 Apr , 2013  

In the modern and developed society, we live in, technology has become an inseparable part of our daily life. Those who love to travel, will agree with me that technology is particularly useful when we are on the road. I remember, the last time, I travelled abroad, I took with me the following devices: a lap top, a camera, a phone, my Kindle reader, a hair-dryer, an mp3 player and a tablet (simply because it had good GPS apps and I also played some Fruit Ninja while queuing here and there). Anyway, all of the above mentioned help us make our trip more enjoyable.

chargers for travellers

Here comes the problem of charging. What do we do, when we go to the United Kingdom, for instance, and face their power plugs and sockets? What about if we want to retreat in the middle of nowhere?

What Kind Of Charges to Look For

1. Lightweight and Portable Power Charges. Whether you are travelling abroad or within the United Kingdom, the problem of packing is always there. A lot of people prefer to pack lightly, taking only a backpack or hand luggage. This has many advantages over large suitcases. Firstly, this saves money as low-budget airlines charge you a lot for large suitcases. In addition, if you leave with a large suitcase you have to wait for it when you arrive, and the chance for it to get lost is larger. For this reason, power charges should be your last concern when packing, i.e. They should be light and hardly noticeable.

2. Multi-purpose. In order to save space in your luggage, you might want to look for multi-purpose power charges. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you can charge your lap top, camera, tablet and phone with the same charger. What more do you need?

3. Safety. I was very worried when I first saw UK  power sockets as they seemed very unsafe to me, and I was also worried that my devices might be damaged if I plug them in the UK sockets.

4. Solar Power Chargers. Nowadays, people are increasingly making use of the sun light and with the use of solar panels they harness the sunlight, for the purpose of generating energy. Small, portable solar chargers are used to charge iPhones, laptops and digital cameras. These are particularly useful if you are camping. Simply make sure you wipe the surface of the panels and they will be fine. Remember dust and everything else on the surface blocks sunlight and daylight, so make sure you maintain them carefully.

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